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As I have said over and over, history can be so much cooler than fiction. Reading over some links I have come across some interesting things that I can work into the new Gladius Dei Storyline.

The Ahnenerbe was a Nazi German think tank that promoted itself as a "study society for Intellectual Ancient History." These guys made expeditions to:
Finland to study Witchcraft.
Sweden to study a cryptic language predating most written languages.
Italy to study ancient stone carvings.
Middle East to study specific events in the Roman Empire that happened near Bucharest, Iran, and Libya.
New Swabia was a German colony in the Antarctic.
France to study several cave paintings.

Several other expeditions were to “acquire” artifacts:

Some other expeditions are speculated on but not confirmed:
Behistun (Iran)
Canary Islands

Then you have the Thule Society investigating the Occult, the Vril Society investigating UFO’s and Atlantis, the UFO base in Antartica, and the Die Glocke (the Nazi Bell), a source of unlimited power hidden in “The Giant” (Der Riese), an entire city built underground.

Add to this the other oganizations within the Axis. You had the:
"Wehrwolf", Nazi counter inteligence
The Black Dragons Society (paramilitary), the Black Ocean Society (investigative), the Green Dragon (occult and mystisism) and the Dark Ocean (espionage and Sabotage) were secret societies in Japan.
Then in Italy you have the Camorra, the Mala Vita, Donna di Fiora, Benandanti, la Cosa Nostra (yeah, the mafia dealt in the occult) and the Carbonari, without even mentioning the renaissance families of the Borgia and the Medici.

All this without even mentioning the fact that during all this “hidden War” there was an actual War going on.
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